Dwelling 91

Dwelling 91, LLC and our mission…

Working “together, bringing grace and beauty into your home and life” .  We believe that every home should tell a story – your story.  Our mission at Dwelling 91, LLC is to cooperatively work with you, the customer.  We want to bring to life, the “home” into your house, apartment or even a business.  Your dwelling will truly feel like your own, once you grace it with your story.

Dwelling 91, LLC strives to bring this “home” feel to you by being your consultant for decorating.  Our mission is to reach a wider audience, whose needs are not currently being met. We do this by not only advising and purchasing new items for your decorating project, but more importantly, incorporating existing items that you already have.  This approach not only minimizes your overall costs, but personalizes your decorating as one of a kind.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you “bring grace and beauty into your home”.  Contact us today to begin your journey “home”.