About Us

Welcome to Dwelling 91, LLC.  I am grateful you have stopped by and am pleased to introduce myself. I am Amy Schroeder, Interior Decorator and owner of Dwelling 91, LLC. Most importantly, I am a wife and a mom and enjoy time spent with my family, in our home.  Together, we too can work to bring grace and beauty into your home and life.

I am native to the Cedar Rapids and Marion area, having graduated from Marion High School. Through my art studies there, I realized my creativity and the capacity I have to bring colors, textures and materials together in unison. However, I put that aside while I studied at Kirkwood Community College in the field of caring for special needs children. It was very rewarding - the impact these young people would have on my life, my beliefs and my personal growth.

My next venture brought me to marriage and family. The desire to be an at home mom, was vital to me. Yet, once again, my aspirations were shifted.  Thinking back though, I longed to be creative once again.  It started subtly with rotational decorating projects of our home.  Then there was the sweep of decorating shows on TV, magazines, blogs and Pinterest to name a few. This only fueled my passion for decorating and a much needed outlet for my creativity.   I have acquired eight years plus of personal in depth training and have shared my creativity with others.

Now, I am ready to expand and share my gifts with you, the prospective customer.  Dwelling 91, LLC and I offer you our best in working together bringing grace and beauty into your home & life.

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